Ways to promote Toronto:
 - What we need is a way to bring a lot of people back to the city and garner international media with the event. I think the way to do this would be to hold a number of free concerts around the city at various locations. The music would be vary diverse, hopefully with a lot of Canadian talent. This could be coordinated with street closings in the main shopping districts to create a city-wide festival feel.

Here's some highlights:
 - Held on a weekend, maybe in mid-June? (Dare we propose a holiday Friday?)
 - Free (lets use some of the government's proposed promotion budget for this)
 - Many type of music, with similar genres at the same locations
 - Multiple, simultaneous concerts. Maybe we can go for a world record?
 - Canadian artists - lets get them back to Toronto to help us out! Of course other musicians are welcome too.
 - Street closures in shopping districts for smaller musical artists, creating a festival atmosphere. Candidates would be Queen St, College St, The Danforth, The Beaches, Portions of Yonge St
 - Play it live on radio and MuchMusic across Canada.
 - Tie in travel/accommodation packages
 - 24 hr restaurant/bars in the downtown club district
 - play sports with actual major league players (for local charities)

If this sounds like an idea you'd like to see happen, send an email to . (Your email address will not be used in anyway except to verify that you have sent this email). If we get enough people behind this, we will submit it to The Mayor for consideration. You can also contact him directly.

Do you have a promotion idea you'd like to add? us with your idea.

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